Windows Server 2016: Two Key Buildout Opportunities for IT Service Providers

There are plenty of new technologies organizations and their IT departments can research to gain a competitive edge, but sometimes these organizations, in partnership with their trusted IT service provider resources, need to make sure they’re running their operations off the sound fundamentals of technology. Windows Server 2016, introduced in early 2017, is the new standard here.

This article will address some of today’s more in-demand needs from Windows Server 2016 hosting so that IT service providers can better understand what their clients will be looking for as well as the opportunities to help sell Windows Server 2016.

Privileged Access Management & Security

Among the most sought-after IT solutions end-user organizations are looking for today, security remains high on the list. IT service providers can instill a little more trust with their clients through Windows Server 2016, which boasts a new Privileged Access Management (PAM) for Active Directory with a built-in solution for organizations for their network admin functions offering a touch of administration requirements.

Storage Space

In addition to security, storage remains a key requirement for end-user organizations of all sizes. Windows Server 2016 also offers what’s known as Storage Spaces Direct. In addition to increased storage, SSD helps service providers offer clients a way to obtain high-speed Disk I/O and redundancy without further investment in expensive SANs.

Pro Tip: Service providers can deploy SSD with additional storage capacity with little extra investment by utilizing idle servers left over after organizations move their Exchange email servers to Office 365, creating extra server space.

Who To Partner With For Profitable Outcomes

As cloud-based hosted software services continue to reshape and expand the principles of modern IT, the future of any hosting services provider depends on the quality of its partnerships. DXC SLMS Hosting offers service providers the best opportunity to build the right portfolio of cloud-based hosted solutions, including Microsoft Windows Server 2016, for optimum business growth potential while cutting costs out of the portfolio.

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