What is DXC SLMS Hosting?

We’re the support you need to grow your business at the pace of the cloud services market. As cloud-based hosted software services continue to reshape and expand the principles of modern IT, the future of a cloud services provider depends on the quality of its partnerships. Through our range of full-service hosted software licensing capabilities and detailed knowledge of the latest Microsoft and Citrix cloud licensing programs, we have the expertise you need to capitalize on new opportunities and grow your business.

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Just Getting Started with SPLA? We Know How to Help

Licensing is complex. We simplify it for you so you can stay focused on growing your business.

We have the processes and tools, vendor relationships, licensing know-how, and marketing insights to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. Leverage our experience to grow your hosting business and use the resources in this portal to expand your cloud services profits through effective marketing and licensing for your hosted software products and solutions.

Start with a Free Microsoft Cloud Licensing Analysis

With recent changes to Microsoft cloud licensing models, including Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft System Center 2016, it’s easy to see where one change can send ripples through your bottom line. That’s why it’s important to review your portfolio and make sure you’re maximizing your Microsoft hosting agreements.

The DXC SLMS Hosting group offers a free comprehensive analysis of your licensing portfolio. Now you can:

  • Identify opportunities for best-value pricing
  • Make educated decisions and ensure compliance
  • Optimize the value of your investments and grow your business
  • Capitalize on new opportunities in the hosting and cloud services market

Why Work With Us

We can help:

  • Navigate and simplify licensing complexities
  • Uncover opportunities for cost savings
  • Grow your business and deliver customer results
  • Gain access to VAR channels, verticals, and new markets

Trusted Advocates for Your Success

We are:

  • Certified and fluent in all Microsoft and Citrix cloud licensing programs
  • Connected to the latest program updates
  • Accessible for ongoing business consultation
  • Proactive in assisting with issues, renewals, and compliance

Full-Service Licensing

We offer:

  • A team of dedicated, multilingual specialists
  • A global one-stop shop for worldwide Hoster/ISV offers
  • In-house LMS and SAM – not subcontracted out
  • A dedicated sales touch with proven operational excellence
Hit the Ground Running

Getting Started with SPLA and Cloud Licensing Programs

Our expertise and guidance make getting started with SPLA and cloud licensing programs a straightforward experience. Using our resources, you can travel the path to expanding your cloud services and growing revenues today.

The DXC SLMS Onboarding Kit includes:

  • Checklists and links for onboarding with Citrix and Microsoft cloud licensing programs
  • Marketing guidance for reaching your target customers
  • Ready-to-use resources for developing your cloud services marketing campaigns

Introducing the DXC Cloud Marketplace

Partner with DXC SLMS to utilize Microsoft Azure and take your cloud business to the next level.

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