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Access a comprehensive set of cloud services and solutions to build, deploy, and manage applications from our fully automated cloud storefront. Use the DXC Cloud Marketplace and Microsoft Azure to scale your business simply and easily by creating IaaS and PaaS offerings and building your own SaaS solutions.

Work with the Azure experts from DXC to –

  • Ease your cloud transition with professional-grade technical expertise and cloud migration services that includes a customized success roadmap for our business and a methodical migration plan to ease any transitional impact.
  • Identify and proactively remove any roadblocks with fast, skilled service to answer technical questions around Azure complexity, virtualization and application compatibility, and security and database issues.
  • Increase your technical knowledge with curated resources and recommended certifications and training.
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Concerto Cloud Services Case Study

DXC Technology brings together alliance partners Octopus Cloud and Altaris Cloud to help customers ensure their entire cloud and SPLA hosting environments are fully compliant and cost optimized.

Watch this video to learn how Concerto Cloud Services reaped rewards from integrating professional licensing knowledge and expertise into their standard operating procedures, a critical component of their cloud-based services.

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Hosted Application Cross-Sell Opportunities for IT Service Providers

The importance of IT is no longer relegated to the wonders and possibilities of tomorrow; rather, the true impact of IT solutions are in the here and now. This paper offers an expanded discussion on the growth happening within technology and IT solutions, where that growth will come from, and how IT service providers will be a central element in the buildout and delivery of IT solutions to realize more business growth, higher sales, and more satisfied end-user client deployments.

Download this free paper authored by the team from DXC SLMS to learn more:

Download this free paper authored by the team from DXC SLMS to learn more:

New Growth Opportunities for IT Service Providers with License Portfolio Management

Software license, usage, optimization and disposal decisions today are impacted by subscription-based and cloud services corporate strategies. This means management of hosted software licenses and applications has become more complex. This entire universe of software license portfolio management presents challenges to organizations of all sizes, so the ability to help manage properly represents a unique and profitable opportunity for IT service providers. This paper will explain these challenges, and explore the opportunity for the IT service provider community to help organization optimize the value of their licensing environment.

Introducing the DXC Cloud Marketplace

Partner with DXC SLMS to utilize Microsoft Azure and take your cloud business to the next level.

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