Understanding the Citrix Service Provider Program (Citrix CSP)

As a Citrix Service Provider, you can help your customers grow their business within tight IT budgets. You’ll provide hosted desktops and apps under a recurring monthly subscription – similar to what they’re already used to for their phone and internet expenses. This makes the barrier of entry for your clients low, helping you grow your business with an easy-to-market service portfolio.

Who Should Join the Citrix Service Provider Program?

Service providers looking to provide hosted applications and software services to their customers on a monthly subscription basis are prime candidates for the Citrix CSP program. The program is designed for scalability – it helps service providers maximize the number of customers you can serve using the same software and multi-tenancy.

Eligibility for Citrix CSP

There are several qualifications service providers must meet for eligibility into the Citrix CSP program, including:

  • Member of the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) program.
  • Maintain a minimum of two Citrix CCA certifications for each Citrix product deployed
  • Provide Citrix products in an off-site, multi-tenant environment
  • Submit monthly reports on time to your designated Citrix Service Provider distributor

For a list of all current qualification criteria, visit the Citrix Service Provider Website.

Benefits of becoming a Citrix CSP

Service providers experience a wide range of business benefits after becoming a Citrix Service Provider. When working with Citrix and DXC SLMS as your distributor, service providers have access to sales and marketing materials designed to grow your business quickly. Program benefits for service providers include:

  • Accelerated speed to market into the growing Desktops-as-a-Service market
  • No upfront membership fees or costs to join the Citrix CSP
  • Reporting process that syncs with Microsoft SPLA reporting
  • Flexibility of service offerings, including hosted desktops, apps, file sharing, and mobile device management all with monthly service provider licensing
  • Ability to offer customers 30-day evaluations of hosted services
  • Complete marketing, sales, and technical resources for growing your service provider business (turn-key marketing campaigns)
  • Complete sales training resources
  • Access to Citrix partner events, including the Citrix Summit

Citrix Service Provider Program vs. Citrix Solution Advisor

There are two options in the Citrix partner program. As a Citrix Service Provider, you can satisfy the service level agreements of your customers for offsite, multitenant hosting, in conjunction with on-premises equipment if necessary. Your customers are not licensees and do not manage or access your management infrastructure. When you become a Citrix CSP you gain the right to use Citrix products and charge your customers as monthly subscribers. Citrix Solution Advisors become resellers or consultants of the Citrix portfolio of products.

Microsoft SPLA and Citrix CSP Working Together

Microsoft and Citrix have been working together for over 26 years. The Citrix CSP was created and modeled after the Microsoft SPLA program and is designed to drive more subscribers of Microsoft technologies as well as assist ISVs in offering SaaS-based solutions via Citrix Service Providers.

Working With DXC SLMS Hosting

After you become a Citrix CSP partner, you work alongside DXC SLMS hosting to create a business plan for your new hosted service offerings, target your primary customer market, and package your applications into desktop images that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

Read the frequently asked questions for the Citrix Service Provider Program for more details about Citrix CSP. Interested in learning more about how DXC can invigorate your service provider business? Or want to speak with one of our licensing experts to review your portfolio at no cost? Email here today!