The Challenges with Software Licensing Compliance

According to IDC, software asset management (SAM) can be valuable for more than just avoiding audits; it can also be a proactive part of the software procurement process as well. However, for service providers the world of software license compliance today is much more complex. It’s no longer about selling and monitoring licenses out of a box. Today, service providers are building more comprehensive hosted solutions that include different licenses.

Software Licensing Compliance Impacts Growth Potential

Compliance issues are important for service providers because they can ultimately impact growth potential. DXC SLMS works continually with its service provider partners to offer a consultative, reliable approach in helping to identify every possible scenario where the complexities of licensing may hinder growth opportunities. Click here to read the latest paper from DXC SLMS on “Navigating Licensing Compliance Challenges“.

This trusted partnership has repeatedly proven beneficial, especially since service providers are focused on business growth and not necessarily in studying all the ins and outs of licensing terms or compliance issues. What’s more, service providers are typically not focused on considerations of the license requirements until the end of a project buildout, so it’s important for DXC SLMS to offer the right guidance throughout the process.

No doubt, software licensing compliance has become a larger focal point. End-user customers are asking for even more complex solutions, and as such license vendors have begun to monitor how their products are being used. In fact, according to InformationWeek, the five vendors most likely to audit a software license includes Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Oracle and SAP.

Software Licensing Compliance Best Practices

What are the best practices involved with managing licenses and remaining compliant? How are vendors paying closer attention to their products and what does this mean for service provider projects? Also, why is it important to build a deeper relationship with a trusted partner such as DXC SLMS to consult on the planning and buildout of projects? Find the answer to these and other questions by downloading our latest paper, “Navigating Licensing Compliance Challenges“.

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