Licensing Made Easy

Cloud services licensing can get complex. We can help demystify the experience. Use the resources here streamline your DXC SLMS hosted service licensing.

DXC SLMS Hosted Service Providers Onboarding Kit

This all-new guidance includes step-by-step checklists for onboarding to Microsoft SPLA and Citrix CSP, along with messaging and best practices for marketing cloud services.

Citrix Licensing Tools User Guide

This doc goes into detail about the various tools Citrix makes available to help manage your Citrix CSP licenses.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Portal

This site is the download location for monthly updates of the Microsoft Service Provider Use Rights (SPUR) document, outlining licensing details for products that use Microsoft SPLA.

Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) Licensing Brief

Gain an understanding of DaaS licensing options using Microsoft technology, as well as the opportunities for combining of Citrix and Microsoft to produce richer DaaS solutions and offers.

Microsoft License Mobility FAQ

This document describes licensing rules and operations related to License Mobility through Software Assurance, and how it relates to other Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements.

Hosted Desktops Service Components

This infographic provides an overview of the components and technologies for building Microsoft hosted desktops solutions, as well as relevant licensing considerations for SPLA partners.

Microsoft License Mobility: Options Comparison

This infographic describes two different ways a Microsoft volume license (VL) customer can use its licenses in a hosted environment.

SPLA Licensing: Collaboration Scenario Example

This data sheet provides an example scenario to help illustrate the detailed Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) licensing needs for a Microsoft service provider.

Windows Server/System Center 2016 Licensing Changes

The DXC Partner Ready program will enable partners to deliver solutions that help evolve your hosted services business.

SPLA Licensing Guide

This self-guided presentation provides an introduction to the Services Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) program, the different types of licensing models, and information for leveraging either customer owned licenses or datacenter providers.