Intelligent Azure AI tools to help IT service providers build systems for clients

Azure AI tools help IT service provides transform their clients’ businesses

Today it is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is a truly transformative technology, maybe even one of the most transformative technologies we have seen in the last 100 years. A growing perception may be that the powers of AI are limited to global tech brands and blue-chip companies. However, AI is poised to transform every business, in every industry, especially since businesses of every size today are considered “global”.

Like any successful business transformation, if you want to get the most out of AI, it all starts with the right strategy. This AI strategy will help focus on the core business objectives and prioritize ways that AI can help deliver those business goals. Defining this strategy will be an important opportunity for IT service providers working with end clients who are seeking AI implementations into their systems.

How will AI make an impact on businesses?

AI is essentially designed to make machines smarter, which allows them to think and act like humans. As an example, think of devices like smart phones, smart fitness trackers and smart thermostats. These devices help make consumers’ lives better, easier, smarter, and more connected – and for each device there is some sort of business and data as the backbone of the experience.

As such, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to make their products and services more intelligent through AI. However, in order for businesses to achieve this, they need the help of an IT service provider for implementation and management of Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS).

With the likes of predictive analytics, chatbots, and natural language processing now available as a service through Microsoft Azure, IT service providers have a wealth of apps and tools to help their clients get on board with this revolutionary tech.

What goes into making AI happen

Machine learning is a key element of AI that allows computers to read and absorb data. The process enables computers and systems to use this information to make predictions without being taught how to do so. Essentially, Machine Learning helps computers interpret data so they become smarter over time – powering a better AI experience.

Like most apps and digital services today, Machine Learning is available as a service, whereby users can access these apps via the internet and cloud without needing any software installed on their own machines.

IT Service Providers can take advantage of Azure Machine Learning Service, a cloud-based service that allows them to create, teach, launch, and manage Machine Learning implementations for their client systems.

Azure Machine Learning Service is compatible with container services such as Azure Container Instances or Azure Kubernetes Service, enabling seamless transport of Machine Learning solutions.

Similarly, Azure Machine Learning Studio is described as a visual workspace that allows IT service providers to create machine learning solutions using a drag–and–drop system, with no coding required.

Chatbot development

Chatbots have also exploded over the years in popularity mostly because they provide a fast, convenient way for customers to interact with businesses so they can get information and shopping at a moment’s notice. Powered by AI, chatbots developed by IT service providers can help client businesses transform their customer experience. Azure Bot Service allows IT service providers to develop and implement bots quickly, manage them, and launch them across a variety of platforms on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Here are several additional AI applications powered by Azure that can help IT service providers build effective systems for their clients:

Azure Cognitive Services are pre-trained, ready to consume “smart” products that allow IT service providers to solidify their platforms with intelligent algorithms without having to build them from scratch.

Azure’s Speech Services enable IT service providers to build speech processing capacities into any app or service.

Azure Search offers a number of unique search services that includes web, news, and local business search. It also provides search for media-focused tools like video, image, and visual searches.

Azures Language Tools are a key element for IT service providers and their ability to build world-class AI systems for clients. This tool enables the processing of natural, human language to pick up customer sentiment and recognize exactly what customers want.

Who to partner with for successful outcomes

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