Hosting Without Limits – Azure For CSP Unlocks Growth Possibilities

IT service providers are always looking for opportunities to grow their business. Sometimes these are found in a new client, and sometimes opportunities are found through a different way of leveraging the cloud.

Relying on Microsoft Azure for hosting, rather than the service provider’s on-premise hosting, is one way to help realize better business growth potential.

Azure’s Speed, Agility, End-to-End Solution

Azure offers speed of deployment and business agility. In today’s highly competitive environment, it’s critical to be able to deploy, operate and scale at the speed of business. Also, Azure offers faster development cycles compared with on-premise solutions, which leads to more responsive feedback when developing hosted applications or even desktop environments.

It’s also important for service providers to have access to an entire end-to-end solution. Azure offers premium source control, unit testing, integration testing, delivery, and “go live” tools, more so than any other hosted platform available.

Because of this, service providers have better continuity and integration since these tools are placed under the same platform.

Disaster Recovery Potential

Speaking of continuity, Azure offers solid disaster recovery capabilities, which are extremely important given today’s business landscape of global transfer of data. Azure includes regional and global fail-over options, hot and cold standby models, and rolling reboot capabilities, each of which work straight out of the box and significantly benefit your end-user clients, unlike on-premise solutions.

Scalability for Projects & Budgets

Lastly, the ability to scale benefits both projects and budgets. Azure’s advanced cloud-first platform allows service providers to test and scale for new projects based on the best business outcomes, eliminating the need to pay for inefficient on-premise hosted resources.

Who To Partner With For Profitable Outcomes

As cloud-based hosted software services continue to reshape and expand the principles of modern IT, the future of any hosting services provider depends on the quality of its partnerships. DXC SLMS Hosting offers service providers the best opportunity to build the right portfolio of cloud-based hosted solutions, including Microsoft Azure for CSP, that best positions for optimum business growth potential while cutting costs out of the portfolio.

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