Getting Started With Microsoft SPLA

Service providers looking to offer full-service solutions including Microsoft software must join the Microsoft SPLA program. The SPLA program is the only Volume Licensing program from Microsoft that allows third-party license use rights. DXC SLMS is a SPLA reseller with a designated team of experienced consultants available to help service providers with the steps for getting started with SPLA.

Cloud Licensing for Microsoft Products

Your clients are probably already using Microsoft products. They’re comfortable with them and they know how to use them to run their business. As a service provider with SPLA, you can make money bringing the customers already using these tools into the cloud. Under SPLA, you can license the following technologies on a monthly basis during a three-year agreement term and then offer them to your customers for a monthly subscription to generate recurring revenue for your company. Microsoft products available for cloud licensing include:

  • Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite
  • Microsoft Core Infrastructure Suite
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Server
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft System Center

Is Getting Started With SPLA Right For You?

Do any of the following describe you?

  • You’re an application service provider
  • You’re an ISV with application hosting capabilities
  • You’re an IT outsourcer that provides software licenses
  • You’re a web host provider
  • You’re a collaboration service provider
  • You’re a web or internet service provider

The SPLA business model works for all of the above business types that are looking to expand their portfolio to include Microsoft hosted technologies.

What’s the Difference Between SPLA and Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs?

When you obtain Microsoft software licenses to use internally, a Microsoft Volume License is needed. If you’re a service provider looking to offer software services to your clients, you need a Microsoft SPLA as it is the only Microsoft Volume Licensing program that allows service providers to use Microsoft products for commercial hosting.

What Does the SPLA Pricing Look Like?

Signing an SPLA does not require any upfront fees to get started. After six months, you need to reach a minimum of $100 usage per month to remain part of the SPLA program.

SPLA pricing is a monthly, recurring expense. Your monthly fee is stable as Microsoft can only increase prices once each year in January (or any time when the price change is used to offset exchange rate fluctuations for prices in a currency other than US dollars). SPLA pricing can be decreased at any time.

SPLA Program Eligibility

You must be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network to be eligible for SPLA.

Working with DXC SLMS

If you would like additional information, support, and getting started with SPLA, contact DXC SLMS – an experienced SPLA reseller. DXC can help you achieve licensing compliance with a free review of your environment. DXC is a dedicated Microsoft SPLA reseller with an experienced team of people that work alongside you to help you understand your licensing program options. You can spend your time growing your business and securing new customers, and DXC provides a one-stop-shop for all of the software you require from Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware.

Each month you’re a part of the SPLA program through DXC you’ll receive newsletters to keep you up to date on any changes. In addition, you’ll get reporting reminders to ensure you are in compliance and on-schedule, as well as invitations to webcasts to educate you on various licensing and products available to you through the SPLA program.

Interested in learning more about how DXC can invigorate your service provider business? Or want to speak with one of our licensing experts to review your portfolio at no cost? Email here today!