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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft SPLA

What is Microsoft SPLA?

The Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) allows you to license Microsoft products and use them to provide software services to your customers. Types of partners that typically enter into SPLA include web hosters, application service providers, ISVs with hosted apps, messaging or collaboration service providers (hosted email), outsourcers, or platform infrastructure providers.

What is the difference between SPLA and other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs?

Microsoft Volume Licensing programs offer several licensing options for customers to acquire Microsoft software licenses for internal use. Hosting providers who want to offer software services to their customers and who will include software licenses as part of their service offering should use SPLA. Microsoft SPLA is the only Microsoft Volume Licensing program that allows Microsoft products to be used for commercial hosting.

Are there any prerequisites for SPLA?

To be eligible for Services Provider License Agreement, you should be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network.

How does SPLA pricing work?

Prices for Services Provider License Agreement are monthly reoccurring costs. Microsoft can only increase license prices once a year in January, or at any time to offset exchange rate fluctuations for prices other than US dollars, but can decrease pricing at any time.

Does SPLA require any up-front fees?

No, there are no upfront program fees associated with signing Services Provider License Agreement SPLA. However, under the current version of SPLA, after 6 months there is a minimum of $100(USD) usage per month to remain in the program.

Where can I get more information about the Microsoft SPLA program?

Visit the Microsoft SPLA site here.

Citrix CSP

What is Citrix CSP?

The Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Program is a Citrix partner program designed specifically for service providers who provide and/or resell hosted software services to end-user customers. The Citrix CSP Program addresses the service provider market for offsite, multi-tenant hosting, and augmented with on-premises equipment if needed to satisfy service level agreements, where the end-user customer is not the licensee and does not manage nor access the CSP’s management infrastructure. Citrix CSP extends to service providers the “right to use” Citrix products as the underpinning of their delivery infrastructure and gives CSPs where applicable the flexibility of a monthly “active subscriber” pricing and licensing model. Service providers always have access to the most current versions of Citrix products available in the program and only pay for actual end-user usage recorded or accounts active during the previous calendar month.

What do I need to qualify for Citrix CSP?

In order to qualify for Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Program, participants must meet the following qualifications and be approved by Citrix:

Utilize Citrix products in an off-site, multi-tenant or off-site dedicated environment.

  • Current membership in the Microsoft SPLA program
  • Any customers reporting less than $300/month need to purchase support contract
  • Citrix CSP may not be a current Citrix Authorized Distributor or a Citrix CSP Distributor
  • CSP off-site, multi-tenant or dedicated environment must be distinct and separate from any additional environment where Citrix perpetual product is being used for internal or hosting purposes

Where can I get more information about the Citrix CSP program?

Visit the Citrix CSP site here.

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