Effective Strategies for Hiring Quality IT Staff

Hiring the right IT staff in today’s economy is arguably the most important part of any successful business – no matter the size. Although we tend to hire additional staff in an effort to grow further, a bad hire can take a company a few steps back. What’s worse, it can even be negative to the bottom line. In fact, an article in Forbes1 estimates that a single bad hire can cost entrepreneurs anywhere from $25 – $50,000.

No doubt, there’s an investment to be made in getting it right (or attempting to). From finding and interviewing candidates, to providing them with the computers and resources they need, entrepreneurs must do what it takes to find the right people. Oh, by the way, don’t forget the costs involved with salaries and benefits.

Tips for Hiring IT Staff

Following are several important criteria service providers can leverage when embarking on adding to their staff headcount.

  1. Don’t just ask questions about their resume. Ask situational questions to gauge how they would handle different situations when planning, implementing or managing a client solution.
  2. Probe to find out their level of commitment. How invested would they like to be in the business (from a time and energy standpoint, not necessarily as a partner).
  3. Don’t try to be too scientific in your approach. Ask simple questions, such as “why are you here”, or “what is it that you’re looking for”?
  4. Focus a lot of time on if they’ll have the right chemistry for the entire team. There’s more than just skill-set at stake.
  5. When checking references, don’t just ask if they could do the job; also ask if they’re trustworthy and a team player.

Finding the right IT staff goes well beyond identifying the right skill for each position. Character, commitment and chemistry are equally important.

DXC SLMS is your Partner

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1: “Dealing With A Bad Hire? The Case To Teach And Adapt, Rather Than Fire”; Forbes.com; June 5, 2012.