DXC SLMS Hosting Offers the Right Network to Deliver Software License Management as a Service

Altaris Cloud provides unique, innovative tools and ongoing software license management to ensure compliance under the Microsoft SPLA program

With the ever-increasing adoption of the cloud, as-a-service, and subscription-based models for technology consumption, IT service providers and hosters have a great opportunity in front of them to realize the growth potential in servicing new and existing clients. With this comes a big challenge in software license management to ensure they are neither-under reporting or over-reporting on a monthly basis. Most importantly, their challenge is to ensure they are billing their customers correctly.

Through the trusted partnership of DXC SLMS Hosting, IT service providers now have one partner through which to report their Microsoft license usage and deliver a managed service to ensure their licensing is optimized, accurate and compliant. Altaris Cloud offers the most robust, effective tools and experience in software license management and compliance.

Software Compliance & Auditing Growth

An increase in licensing compliance audits is the key driving factors for growth of the global software license management market.

According to the most recent market research, the global software license management market is estimated to account for global revenues of US$447.6 million in 2017, and is expected to register a CAGR of over 10%.

Audits are also on the rise. According to recent stats from industry research firm, Gartner, InfoWorld reports that 68% of enterprises receive a minimum of one audit request each year. The report states that “true-up” costs can range from $100,000 to more than $1 million, depending on the audit results. SPLA audits can be much costlier, as unlike on-premise audits, the SPLA agreement allows Microsoft to collect on under reporting, in some cases more than five years historically.

Challenges with software license management

Service providers and hosters are focused on growing their business, yet they may not be spending all their time learning the details of the licensing terms or even costs that are tied to the products they use to support their solutions. Without understanding product use rights, it’s very hard for service providers to remain compliant. The new landscape is not a boxed software solution but one that is often based on the honor system and delivered online. Service Providers then fall into two scenarios:

  1. They don’t understand their licensing costs upfront and don’t cost out a project accurately, losing important margin
  2. They don’t bill their customers accurately as the solution inevitably grows, month over month


Altaris Cloud Delivers License Management as a Service

Altaris Cloud provides a unique SPLA license management solution for those service providers and hosters that sell Microsoft hosted solutions. Altaris Cloud can manage the entire SPLA reporting lifecycle from automated data collection, analysis and reporting through DXC. Beyond license management, they have SPLA audit and compliance expertise and can provide expert guidance to service providers and hosters going through an audit or just preparing for one.

With more than 30 years of cumulative SPLA licensing and compliance experience at Microsoft, Big Four Accounting Firms, and the Microsoft SPLA Reseller Channel, Altaris Cloud offers a community of resources through DXC SLMS Hosting that guides partners and other cloud enterprises through the ever-changing landscape of Microsoft licensing and compliance. The company leverages its proprietary set of tools and methodologies to build usage reports for customers and integrate Software Asset Management (SAM) best practices all in an effort to save companies time and money while reducing the risk of an audit.

In addition, if a partner customer wants to adopt public cloud via Azure, Altaris Cloud can provide a complete cloud assessment where they meter the workloads for that customer to understand if it makes more sense to leverage the public cloud or use co-location facilities. There are multiple ways to license a cloud environment, and customers don’t always know their options.

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