How to Choose the Best Microsoft SPLA Reseller

The Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement, or SPLA, lets service providers offer customers hosted software services including applications, web services, and database services. This includes Microsoft products – and Microsoft SPLA is the only licensing program that makes it possible to host Microsoft products commercially.

There are many choices for who to work with when you decide to join the Microsoft SPLA program. The best Microsoft SPLA reseller for you is one that will meet your unique needs for licensing and offer the assistance, guidance, and the tools necessary to plan and grow your business to reach your individual goals. There is a variety of licensing programs available to service providers – it can be difficult to navigate through the complexities of each program to find one that will help you grow your business in the most cost-effective way. Some service providers spend the majority of their time trying to figure out the licensing – working with a quality SPLA partner can give you back that time to focus on getting more clients and growing your business.

How is Microsoft SPLA Licensed?

There are three options for SPLA licensing, designed to meet the needs of a variety of clients seeking hosted services:

  • Subscriber Access License (SAL). Under this licensing program each user or device that accesses and uses the product offered requires a license.
  • Per Processor. Under this licensing program, an unlimited number of users can access the software installed on that processor.
  • Per Core. This licensing program provides unlimited user access but is based on the number of cores in each physical processor.


A benefit of the SPLA licensing model is that consumers receive software assurance – for no additional cost, the software is upgraded to the latest version.

Is DXC SLMS The Best SPLA Partner for You?

When you want to enter the Software as a Service (SaaS) space, DXC SLMS has a team of experienced and motivated individuals dedicated to the Microsoft SPLA program. DXC will take you through the entire process to understand the licensing programs available to you, and review your business to help determine which licensing program is the right fit for your current business needs as well as help you reach your goals

Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything Hosting

DXC SLMS brings to the table everything you need for offering hosting services, from Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware – among others. When you choose DXC SLMS as your Microsoft SPLA reseller, it’s going with the one-stop-shop solution since they have all of the software from all of the providers you need to grow your business efficiently.

More Than a Decade of Experience with Microsoft SPLA

DXC SLMS has been an authorized Microsoft SPLA reseller since 2003, and the team puts that experience to work for every service provider that wants to get the most out of their SPLA.

Assistance Tracking SPLA Usage

In addition to helping service providers understand the licensing rules and choosing a SPLA program, DXC SLMS is an authorized reseller of activAeon – a reporting solution that helps service providers satisfy their contractual reporting deadlines. Most service providers are manually gathering data and attempting to interpret the complex licensing rules – spending too much of their precious time figuring it out and missing out on potential business opportunities in the meantime. When you decide DXC SLMS is the best SPLA reseller for your needs, they can also help you keep track of your usage and report data as required under the program.

Interested in learning more about how DXC SLMS can invigorate your service provider business? Or want to speak with one of our licensing experts to review your portfolio at no cost? Email here today!