Benefits of Becoming a Citrix Service Provider Through DXC SLMS

The Citrix Service Provider (Citrix CSP) program gives service providers the ability to deliver complete, high-value hosted desktops and apps to their clients as a subscription service paid monthly. Service offerings under the program include Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), file share and sync, mobility solutions, and application hosting. When you choose to become a Citrix CSP partner with DXC SLMS you can do so as a stand-alone offering or in conjunction with your Microsoft desktop hosting solutions under a Microsoft SPLA.

What is the Citrix Service Provider Program?

The Citrix CSP program lets you resell a complete solution to your customers, from the hosted desktop to the apps to the data your customers need to access. It’s a technical solution that is easy to implement that you can customize as part of a desktop image that can be accessed by your customers on any device, and that’s easy for you to deploy.

Working With Citrix Service Provider Partner License Distributor

When you’re ready to sell DaaS solutions through the Citrix Service Provider program, your first step is to choose a license distributor. License distributors are not a one-size-fits-all solution, so you’ll want to compare the level of support you will receive from each option before making a selection. Partnering with DXC SLMS hosting group is ideal for service providers looking to get a DaaS business to market as quickly as possible. DXC SLMS offers a portal of information designed to increase your profits through effective marketing in addition to licensing for your hosted software products at a discount. You’ll gain the experience and guidance from industry experts who can help review your overall service portfolio and maximize your CSP service offerings.

Benefits Available Through the Citrix Service Provider Program

After you’ve chosen a Citrix Service Provider license distributor, it’s time to get to work with your new service offerings! As a Citrix CSP, you’ll enjoy a number of business benefits, including:

Pay-as-You-Go Licensing

There are no up-front license fee commitments, which allows you to quickly grow your business with a low barrier to entry.

Low-Risk Scalability

Grow your business with a full range of cloud-based services.

Offer Premium Services

Differentiate your service offerings with a premium level portfolio of services your competitors aren’t providing: complete hosted workspaces, with apps, mobility, file share and sync, and desktops.

Access Complete Marketing Tools

Use customizable marketing tools for demand generation and resources for business and sales planning to accelerate your time to market. These resources will help you target your market and package your applications into a solution that is easy to deploy and manage so you can begin making money right away.

How to Become a Citrix Service Provider

If you are a Microsoft SPLA, you can join the CSP program. If you just want to create a successful Citrix CSP business on its own, contact SLMS hosting and learn how to get started.

Interested in learning more about how DXC SLMS can invigorate your service provider business? Or want to speak with one of our licensing experts to review your portfolio at no cost? Email here today!