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The DXC Cloud Marketplace is the place to cloud-enable your business. Join the DXC SLMS Hosting Solution Provider Resource Community (SPaRC) to learn, sell, and grow. We offer a cloud marketplace, extensive toolkits and resources, and access to technical experts to help you cloud-enable your business with Azure. Join today to learn how we help you transition to a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Reseller business model to scale your business to new levels of success.

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Become a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Reseller

Your customers are going cloud-first to build digital businesses. Offer IaaS, PaaS, and customized SaaS offerings to help them accomplish key goals.

Why You Should Host on Azure

Microsoft is the ideal cloud provider because the company is innovation-oriented, stable, and growth-minded. Azure is the best platform to host and build our cloud business because:

  • Only Azure enables hybrid cloud infrastructures, the operating system of the future
  • Azure provides application development (DevOps) tools to unleash innovation, empowering you to build SaaS applications
  • Azure meets stringent regulatory requirements, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Build on Azure, the trusted cloud.


How we’ll work with you

DXC SLMS is the only CSP distributor that provides the right blend of methodology, customized planning, and expert support to help hosting partners achieve success in the cloud.


We recognize that making the move to becoming a CSP Reseller is a major business transformation that is challenging but can unlock the door to outsized business gains if handled strategically and deliberately. At DXC, we help you take a systematic and disciplined approach to moving your hosted workloads to the cloud.



Assess current workloads and establish strategy and goals for cloud migration

Objective – Define criteria for moving applications and workloads in the cloud.

Key questions that need to be answered:

  • Which aplications and workloads could be moved?
  • How could they be moved?
  • How to prioritize?
  • How does it affect the business?



Make recommendations on which workloads to migrate

Objective – Identify and prioritize applications that have the highest potential value and are best suited for migrations.

Key considerations:

  • Application complexity
  • Dependencies for legacy applications and workloads
  • Elasticity of the application
  • Seasonality and required scalability
  • Data structure
  • Latency requirements
  • Storage and backup
  • Security and compliance
  • Business continuity and resilience requirements



Plan your transition to mitigate risks and minimize disruption

Objective – Build a customized cloud strategy and business plan that works for your organization with steady revenue growth and profitability.

Key things to consider:

  • Operational efficiency
    • Operational requirements
    • Service levels
    • Maintenance windows
    • Monitoring
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Return on investment

End Result

A customized and comprehensive cloud migration plan that paves the path to success and then evolves as you gain experience.

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